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Extreme Toronto Sports Club was started by 'Toronto sports enthusiasts' who decided they could create a better league than the ones they had played in. Compared to other Toronto sports leagues XTSC differs by offering refereed games, consistent game locations and a loyalty program. Sports are offered year round

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Anonymous's picture

Not sure what your guys agenda is exactly .. Clearly this is some sort of propaganda put on by some TCSSC organizers .. who clearly have nothing better to do then attempt to discredit XTSC .. Perhaps losing 100+ teams to XTSC over the years has afforded them tons of free time to post on this silly site instead of actually spending their time running and attracting new teams to their league?

Check out the Facebook posts .. posted buy real prople who actually play in our league .. http://www.facebook.com/groups/28859608059/

Including our own post announcing a record 2012 Spring season registrations .. Clearly your posts and negative publicity and the books that you yahoos are attempting to write on this unmonitored site are falling on deaf ears .. and our better offering and differentiators are wstill winning teams over from that bush league TCSSC league!

Anonymous's picture

XTSC is an awful league. Sam is an awful person. No amount of testimonial will change that. XTSC sucks. Just sucks.

Anonymous's picture

Eddie is right. XTSC`s overall defensive mentality is such joke that the more they defend themselves, the more they think it is helping their cause LMFAO! This isn`t some proaganda you tool, it`s someones valid opinion on the rudeness of your posts. Get your head out of your ass and quit crying because some people on your site doesn`t like your league. If more people are joining your league (100+ teams)you shouldn`t even care about the opinions about a small number of posts.

Anonymous's picture

And why would someone who doesn't have any relation to XTSC care about putting their 2 cents in?

You sir need to get a life. All of the people coming on here and putting in their opinions, of which no one has asked for, are sad.

We continue to grow the league, and the sabotage that is being attempted by you rogues is quite laughable. Please do us all a favor and go away. Just stick to your own sad lives, and playing in your sad leagues, jealous much? :)

Anonymous's picture

you idiot. did it ever occur to you that people are coming here to complain of the owners behaviour and how the league sucks? instead you think they're smear campains. and jealous of what? you have little person syndrome (look it up, it's real). that much is evident both in your personal and proffessional behaviour. and no, you can't tell people to go away seeing as you don't own this site of the internet. so fuck yourself.

Anonymous's picture

Why would I want to have any relation with XTSC when the evidence on this board justifies it?

Who are you to say I can't express my opinion when the purpose of this page is to do so. Is there a problem with other individuals posting their thoughts about your unprofessional league and warning viewers not to join it?

It's not sabatoging you goof, it's others posting their expereiences on the flaws your league has. You do know that the more you post the more of an idiot you are in representation of your league.

Why don't you try adding different quotes next time then copying and pasting in on here LMFAO!

Anonymous's picture

I have played on XTSC for 2 years now. At the same time I have also played on TSSC and TRSL. At first I was drawn to certain unique features the XTSC offered:

- Lower league fees
-Same location every game
- Refereed games

Our first season was quite good and it was smooth sailing, but as time went on, I realized that everytime one needed to interface with the league organisers or had a chance to test their customer service, XTSC failed. Also they are unapproachable, disorganized and quite rash in their decision making.


- Teams were not assigned to their playing location of choice.

-On more than one occasion, our team was assigned to multiple playing locations. This is in direct conflict with one of their selling features.

-League does not even have a phone number to call and get someone on the line to answer questions.

- The referees are rude, disengaged and rarely keep a handle on the game. If anything the presence of referees encourages players to play more aggressively and try to get away with it. Players on my team have dislocated their knee, got stiches on their lip. All due to overly agressive play which escalated from the referee being too passive throughout the game.

-One season, players had parked their cars on XTSC approved parking areas(communicated to us via email from the league), however this had not been properly researched. After one game, all 36 cars had been ticketed($40 each) and all the league could do was shrug and say OOPS!

- The actual XTSC organiser plays in the same league. God forbid you have been assigned to play in their bracket. If you actually have the misfortune of playing against the organiser's team(personal expereince) - refereeing becomes very partial, games get unpleasant and aggressive. The organiser steps in and makes decisions on games which directly affect the progress of his personal team.

- I have heard of teams being disqualified by the league organiser without just reason. First an second hand, I have noticed the league organiser being quite autocratic and dismissive in his interaction with his customers. There is not way to call XTSC and emails to them get answered in a very selective manner.

I could go on.

Needless to say, in spite of whatever benefits XTSC claims they offer in the opinion of myself and over a dozen players(all young professionals) on our roster, its NOT WORTH IT. Customer service is poor, the league is run in a very unprofessional manner and organizational skills are quite pathetic.
Really leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Now after 2 years of giving this league a chance, all of us have decided to take our business and patience elsewhere. The other leagues are not perfect, but at least they have the basics right and know how to run themselves as an impartial business. TSSC, TRSL or anywhere but XTSC!

Anonymous's picture

If much of what you're saying is true .. then how can you explain the dozens of teams that have left TCSSC to play with XTSC? I tell you why, it's because:
- We're cheaper and better
- Our referees Set-up all the nets and fields before every game
- We provide same game locations in 80% of our leagues
- We have a Free end of season tournament
- we offer a rewards program

That's Why!

We're not for everybody, and we certainly don't want just anybody playing in our league .. Needy, annoying, rude, aggressive, dangerous players are ignored and eventually weeded out of our league. Not really sure who you are but perhaps you or your team are persona non grata and the league is working on weeding you out?

Please do us all a favor and go elsewhere, play with TCSSC, play with Not-So-Pro or not play at all .. you are master of your domain and we certainly won't miss your money or your abuse on and off the field.

Anonymous's picture

You've really learned nothing, have you? I suppose the author of this piece (potentially helpful to the development of your customer services skills) is just jealous of XTSC's reputation, even though you do exactly the opposite:


If someone was to ask me what the personifcation of "chip on shoulder", "myopic" and "cuts nose off to spite face" was, I would direct them to your comments on this page. Employees at your organisation must despair at just how bad your handling is of customer concerns. On the other hand, you might be a genius iconoclast paving the new way for the future of business...but I doubt it.

Anonymous's picture

You are a gutless coward. You come onto this message board, to slander the League and to hide your identity while doing it.

The FACT that you are going around anonymously and saying these things, only means one thing. You work for TCSSC or Not So Pro and are deliberately trying to sabotage this League.

The FACT is that XTSC is FAR superior to your Leagues that we are getting all the teams that you have ripped off with your over priced and under delivered 'offerings'.

Next time you wish to tell us how to run our organization, I suggest that you do it as a Man. And that you post your real name, or even better yet, contact the League directly with your concerns/issues. But your track record would indicate your spinless and a coward.

Enjoy your no good thievery of a League. We will gladly keep taking your teams and growing!

Anonymous's picture

Point. Proven.

Anonymous's picture

hahahaha mmmbop got u and you don't even understand. you're correct mr XTSC, we're cowards. we're insignificant people who could never run a league and win all the glorious soccer tournaments you've won. somewhere in life, things must've gotten pretty bad... for you to be seeking for glory/victory/gratification by doing this. were your parents not proud? sad.. but not really cuz you deserve it! anyway, the point is, stop talking. it isn't one of your best qualities.

Anonymous's picture

I've played in I think 4 or 5 xtsc leagues now (to my chagrin). The upside is they have refs, which helps to minimize the onfield conflicts that put me off TSSC. However, 90% of the time the refs are stoned out of their minds (all class).

The first season we played was great, and it had about 7-8 teams in the bracket. Since then it's become progressively worse.

Everything is disorganized, first games were posted with 24hrs advance notice. In the league I'm currently playing with them: they have my team playing one game more than all the other teams in the league, one of the teams that played the first week has completely disappeared from the schedule. Another team listed didn't even play last weekend and yet the standings show they won a game 8-0.

The leagues rarely have enough teams in them. Our fall league had 4 teams. Because who doesn't want to play the same 3 teams over and over and over again?

Then there was the time they told everyone that the only way to get game cancellation info was to follow them on twitter. Everyone has better sh*t to do than follow XTSC on twitter. When I let them know I thought i was a poorly thought out marketing ploy, they argued it was not done for marketing reasons. sure. (just checked, this resulted in them getting ~200 twitter followers, which in the land of twitter is seriously weak).

Then there was the time they told us we had to move our outdoor league to a tiny indoor gymnaisum, because they couldn't predict what time the sun sets. hahahaahaaa, that one still makes me laugh pretty hard. They're probably also members of the flat earth society.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT PLAYING WTIH XTSC. Chimps could do a better job of running a social sports league. OOO AA AAA!

Go with TSSC. In particular, I really enoy their 11s @ Sunnybrook park in the summer. Yes, they are a bit more expensive. Yes, they have some downside, and there's always the possibility of carrying around your net. But at least they are professional and reliable. Always a good number of teams in the league and they communicate very effectively with players.

Anonymous's picture

The owner of the league is a real JERK (i'd use more explicit words but don't want to offend anyone). He changed the start times for games from 7,8 or 9pm to ALL 9:30 or 10:30pm starts! And did it all last minute, after he took our money, and after all other leaugues are full so you can't get a refund and play somewhere else. Pretty slimey business practice. Called and asked for a discount because he changed the start times to be ALL LATE GAMES and he said "My time is worth more then this conversation with you". Classy guy! PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS LEAGUE. TSSC is WAAAAAY better.

Anonymous's picture

While their prices are decent, there is (as always) a catch. I found the owner to be a little bad natured when dealing with me as a customer (trickled down thru an employee), which is why I went elsewhere and happily paid a little more. I've also heard of cases of competitive conflict of interest as it relates to a team he plays on, within his own league.

Anonymous's picture

I recently played in their year end Tournament and it was pretty awesome. I didn't know they offered this until late in the year and there were like over 50 teams involved!! Very fun weekend for sure. The costs are lower than other leagues which is also a benefit and my team is playing with them again in the Fall/Winter.

freddie's picture

Wow! You make it sound so good! Too good to be true, almost. I would suggest that leaving positive comments for your own league is bad practice.

Anonymous's picture

It's also bad practice to post your own picture when you look like that.

freddie's picture

Classy! The more you guys comment the worse you make your league look.

Anonymous's picture

o shaite.. i just joined this league and paid them.

im gona cancel it. any leagues u guys recommend?

Anonymous's picture

Sorry to break it to you, but they don't force their members to lug around nets and set them up at each location and take them down as well.

Double bummer for you.

Anonymous's picture

This league started well, but with its growing popularity, grew into a very poorly managed, bureaucratic, disappointing organization. Referees are only a positive feature when they are qualified and not out for glorified power trips to make up for high school inadequacies... I hung in there for a few seasons, but left, disgruntled.

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