New Friday Guildwood Slo-Pitch

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NFG (New Friday Guildwood) Slo-Pitch provides co-ed recreational slo-pitch in Scarborough. Games are played with fun in mind, and are played Friday nights. Team and individual registration is available. Games are umpired.

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Also posted link to the league's site leads me no-where

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Played in a recreational league among different places in the company i worked for. Not much experience, is this a good league for me to join? Second question...what parks do they play in and what times (in general)?

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I've played in this league for 4 years and it's great if you're looking for a cheap and recreational league.

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bad league, would not reccomend it.

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Yea really, if you're going to say its a bad league then you could at least give a reason.

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