North Toronto Ski Club (NTSC)

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The North Toronto Ski Club is for those 19+ years of age who live in and around Toronto who love to ski and snowboard. The Club includes instructors to help you improve your skills no matter the level. NTSC also provides day, weekend, and week long ski charters

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Good day trips on weekends. Decent weekend and week long trips during the season. But the membership, while a bit younger than High Park are not as friendly. There are a handful of outstanding people and skiers in this club but good as they are cannot compensate for the virulent bigots strutting around.
Good if you need a cheap way to get some turns in but I would recommend the Toronto Ski Carpool group on, a great group of people.

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Yes your talking about two, virulent bigots strutting around people you met in the club. Look a little more around and do not put all the people in your little box,and mark it with your X .

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