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Not So Pro, formerly the Toronto East Sport and Social Club, offers co-ed sports for those in their 20s, 30s and 40s. In addition to weekly sports playing in Toronto, Not So Pro also organizes out of town trips, weekend tournaments and sports clinics. Social events are also organized by Not So Pro. Sports are offered year round and locations are primarily in the East end of Toronto.

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Not So Pro has been the worst experience I've had with a recreational hobby league. John Morrison its CEO and founder had promised numerous concessions to my team and I for screwing up scheduling, not having equipment in place when required, not updating scores..etc and at the end of the year when we were suppose to get wings/beer at a local restaurant and a free team picture him and his crew dodged my emails and calls for weeks.

This league is a complete joke and everyone involved in managing it should find a new profession.

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This is a horrible league. They use elementary schools with bad equipment. They never update their scores online. They are very difficult to communicate with and get any straight answers. Stay away!!

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Hi. I just read your message, My team is supposed to start next Monday and I still haven't received info about times or locations..I tried calling but no answer.. Any advice?

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You file a report to Consumer Services and if applicable, BBB

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I've played 2 seasons in this league. Some great teams, lots of not great teams, very uneven skill level makes it not much fun.. pick another league

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I wouldn't sign up for any sport with Not so pro, as they will not refund your money if something goes wrong. I signed up for beach volleyball at ashbridges and paid in February, they didn't end up getting the beach and have yet to refund me the money I paid to register.

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I'm in the same boat. I've been awaiting for almost a year and they won't response to any emails or phone calls.

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