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The Royal York FC is a local soccer club that holds matches in the Kingsway, Bloor West, Swansea and Jane/Eglinton area. The Summer season runs from May - September and provides a variety of men's, women's or co-ed formats.

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We were told that if my son took all these courses he would get to play rep the following year. We had him in the 3 day a week course for the first term and the goalie school for all terms. We never found out about rep or the try outs and when I asked I got a dodgy response. Then today I find out that my girl friend's son who happens to know the owner but has never played for RYFC is playing rep for them this year. I call BS. How you can get a kid all jacked up and behave like this is unconscionable. Furthermore, their office manager is not particularilybon the ball. I had really high hopes for RYFC. I thought they were different. I was really impressed with Leon. In the end it was a disappointment.

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friendly coaches

Instruction was poor and often NOT adapted to player needs or level (Rob was a good coach, however had no support and too many kids of varying ages and skill levels)
-late starts, missing equipment, constant stoppages, high coach turnover, no progression in player development
-too wide of range in ages and skill level in groups due to low numbers (as a result groups were often combined and coach had too many kids with varying skill levels/ages to deal with)
-house league games were run by unskilled/unmotivated teenagers with no control of the game
-I went with high expectations and was VERY disappointed in club
-I would NOT recommend the training program and house league

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My Daughter doesnt want to play here anymore

Pros: friendly coaches
Cons: pricey, unorganised, Coaches only did cone drills
and my daughter did not understand much..too way stopage during scrimage not fun

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good (not excellent) technical training

pricey for the quality of training
very profit oriented
high turn over of staff at sessions

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Put my 3 yr old in the summer 2011 program.

- lots of coaches, all friendly
- good balance between skills training and fun

- pricey compared to other programs
- often disorganized; eg, late starting, missing equipment, different coaches do different drills
- arbitrary decision to skip one session on Fri before long weekend

Not bad, but will probably look somewhere else next year.

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