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Soccerworld at Polson Pier holds four year-round indoor soccer leagues for Men's, Women's, Coed and Youth at all skill levels. With two indoor pitches, Soccerworld is one of Toronto's largest soccer domes.

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Find a different league.
The league office is extremely disrespectful to their teams. They do not value any feedback and will actually treat you spitefully if you contact them. The refs are very poor and the league will not acknowledge this problem. The middle level management/league coordinators will not allow you to contact their superiors. If you join be prepared to have a few games ruined by reffing and players suspended inappropriately.

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Bullshit league, stay away.

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I play there and it is excellent. Accredited referees, pretty competitive teams and most of the time they are in the appropriate leagues (that is to say thar there are no superstars are playing in division 4).

The prizes are cool, too. Definitely a great league- only complaint would be that it can be a little pricey...but referees do come at a cost.

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the best facility i've ever played in... The leagues are extremely organized, it is a pleasure to play in them. Lots of prizes are given to league winners and playoff finalist, they even give a third place award for the playoffs and a gold boot trophy for the leagues leading goal scorer! TOP CLASS leagues!!!

freddie's picture

Hmmm... This sounds a bit like an 'insider' comment. Anyone else have a good or bad experience w/ this league?

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Hi All,
I played in this leauge, the pros are: cheaper, slightly longer season, ref, a bit more organized and cons: shorter 42 min games, very strict rules, you HAVE to have uniforms, indoor turf cleats and shin pads, etc. Over all I liked them a bit more than TSSC.

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