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Toronto Dodgeball Association provides dodgeball for men and women (co-ed leagues are formed when possible). The Leagues promotes safety with their rules and the balls they use. Co-ed teams are not mandatory but encouraged. Dodgeball players can register as individuals or as part of a team. Games are overseen by 2 referees.

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I just played in TDA's Tournament this past sunday (Sept 12th 2010) My team made didnt win first but it was nice to see a tourny that offered more than $1000 for first place. it was well run and having two refs for every game was refreshing. although the refs did miss some calls.

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Thanks for the comments Jeff. My outlook on reffing our games is:

1) We ask for the players to be honest in the event a ref makes a poor call.

2) I am not going to lie, in that I know I am going to miss some calls; what I hope for is that I miss the same amount of calls for both teams throughout our games that it evens itself out.

- Watching 6 balls fly with 2 sets of eyes (2 refs) is hard, and we invite anyone out to try it for themselves.

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Been playing in Toronto Dodgeball Association for several years now and i must say ive quite enjoyed it. Ive tried other leagues but none have been as consistent and enjoyable as TDA. They have easy to follow rules, every game in every season is always reffed, and if you have any complaints the owners do their best to accommodate you. And if you dont want to take my word for it, then watch these videos, TDA is the ONLY league in Toronto to be featured on Much Music and breakfast TV.

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What do you mean by manipulated?? Every team knows what their record is and so how can they do that without anyone noticing or questioning it?? I made a request one week that there was an error with the standings and they miscalculated (a human error/honest mistake) and changed the standings to be proper (they keep records of the scoresheets).
As for the refs, it is a fast paced game and the refs like any sport will make mistakes. I doubt you "questioned a call" as i have seen calls been over-turned.

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This league is corrupt. Owner of league (*****) manipulated standings. (I kept up with the standings weekly and noticed the discreptancies)

I also got to point out that the officiating is horrible. And extremely bias. Question a call and your on the refs bad side for the rest of the season.

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