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Toronto Spartan Volleyball League is a downtown Toronto volleyball league catering mainly to gay, lesbian and homo-friendly community. Players can choose between Recreational and Competitive divisions

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I joined the recreational devision of TSVL in October 2011. I really enjoyed the experience, and appreciate the passion and professionalism the executive committee has shown.

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As one of the ORIGINAL group that founded this league, I was very upset on how it is now run.
with 32 "competitive"?? teams in the league, why is it that you have to play the same team over 25 times during the season? This isn't a league... its simply a "drop in" much like playing at the central YMCA!!! (which is where many of the players come from)
Most of the players in the "A" group feel they are "AA" players.... but in this league maybe they should feel this way? Take a chance and venture to a NAGVA Tournament and see how you would do..... Even the "A" Champions from last year would find it very hard to finish in the top 3 in "BB" at New Orleans, New York, or Atlanta's tournaments
I would NEVER play in this league again

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Dear Rob McCombe,

Poor baby!

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