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True North Hockey Canada provides Men's and Women's recreational hockey leagues in both Toronto and Brampton. Various skill levels are available. Entire teams and individual players are welcome to join.

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I have been playing or should I say paying at true north hockey for years. It started out fun but that changed. The ref's are the worst I have ever seen. They never call the original call,. So game get out of hand and guys start fighting. Email the conveners and you get you don't like it then to bad. I have played other leagues and they are much more fun and games don't get out of hand. I would say stay away unless you want to waste money.

Anonymous's picture

The league has gotten too big.
They cant control it.
If your cheque clears the bank, you are in.
They dont want to kick out the bad teams, $8000 reasons why.
Good refs are hard to find.
Its the 1130pm games that are brutal.

Anonymous's picture

Even the owner of the Rinx's son refuses to play at Rinx.
Smart move Michael.

Anonymous's picture

Another 6pm game tonight. You cant get to Rinx for 6pm, its impossible.
Next weeks game 1115pm.
Who signed us up for this league?
Damn., it was me!

Anonymous's picture

Really tired of playing at "Stinky Rinx"!

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