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BilliardsRecreationalPlay from time to time at the local bar/pub.
Fitness/TrainingIntermediateEnjoy resistance training as well as weight training. Currently also mixing it up with p90x as well as Insanity fitness videos.
KayakingRecreationalTend to go Kayaking when at a friends cottage during the summer.
Martial ArtsIntermediateDid Martial Arts three times a week for six years, but it has now been some years since I have done it at a high level.
RunningRecreationalLike to go for a run from time to time on off days from racket sports, or other fitness activities.
SkiingIntermediateUsually go skiing 2-3 times every winter season. Prefer Blue Mountain, but on a weekday would even go closer to Toronto.
SquashIntermediateI have been playing Squash for about a year now, but have played Tennis for most of my life. I have a court at my condo that I normally play at. I am happy to play anyone at any level. If anything even to just get a great workout.
TennisIntermediateI would say I play at about a 4.0 to 4.5 level. I have two outdoor Tennis courts at my condo, but during the winter I am always looking for a good game on indoor courts as well.
Volleyball - BeachRecreationalTent to play Beach Volleyball at resorts when on vacation, or whenever there is a game going on at the local beach.
YogaRecreationalUsed to do Yoga often, but haven't been doing Yoga regularly for many years now.


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