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SoccerCompetitivei play soccer when i was 6 years old, its all i want, i need a chance to prove my self!!!

Please read my message to the end, I have a reason for that??
I am now in 20 years 4 months and 10 days accounting my life day by day. my character is : lenght 183 cm , weight 75 kg.
I will tell you my story, its begin when I was in 6 years old, I loved this sport so much as every thing to me, then when I was in 12 years old I registered in a club, they all say about me that I am talent boy, and if I keep practicing, I will be big player in the future.
That’s became truth, I played then to a famous club here but under 16 years old, I was full fill in dreams to represent the national team, but this part of my life was so bad ?!
We were have a coach love money more than anything in his life, he won't let me play against the big teams to prove my self for them, he was taking money from other players to let them participating in big games even if they were bad !!!
Honestly, I wasn't having any dollar to give him, and I don’t need for that …
After a month problems begins between him and me, then he tried to dismiss me but he can't because he needs good reason for that.
Most of my friends ( the union soccer ) called them to represent the national team under 16 years old, believe me most of them they are not in that good enough to be in that team…
For that I chosen the hard way, I went to the club owner directly, I told him every thing about that coach, guess what??? He screamed in my face and expelling me
The coach takes this opportunity and throws me out of this team and club for a (moral reasons) can you believe that!!!!
Anyway after this accident I quite for 4 years, cause I have no future here between this bribed and sanctimonious society , and starting to think about my education and learning, specially when my parents keep pressing on me to leave soccer, it's looks like they were knew about that , I have no future in soccer .
And Now, next year I will graduate from the administration and Economics College, and starting to prove my self to that coach, my parents, brothers and sisters, and my friends, I will back like standard, to make my dream real but not playing in the national I don’t want that anymore, but in another country respecting me and encouraging me that’s all I want …
I can't tell you where I am from? Because I feel shame for that, yes don’t be surprised I feel shame from my country.
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