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FootzballOne picture
Male · Competitive
I am not sure I will get any responses for this sport but...  
Matt the Ringer picture
Matt the Ringer
Male · Competitive
I've played football for 20 years. Offense and defense. 
jonshadow picture
Male · Age: 40 · Intermediate
Positions played: Defensive Back, Running Back, QB (40 yard passes), WR. 
brandon picture
Male · Age: 42 · Recreational
chris picture
Male · Age: 37 · Intermediate
Football: Flag, Tackle, Touch football// Level: Any// 
cloutierthomas picture
Male · Age: 42 · Intermediate
Played college football in Montreal.Favorite position to play is cornerback but can also p ... 
abdullgafar picture
Male · Competitive
im interested in becoming a footballer and i would love to play for professional team i ha ... 
angeloflegacy picture
Male · Age: 32 · Intermediate
Chipis picture
Female · Competitive
I'm looking forward to play Flag football near downtown, any league? do you need an extra ... 
leafsimon picture
Male · Age: 35 · Intermediate

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