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Below find Toronto Flag Football players. If you don't find a Flag Football player that you wish to contact, please post a game to find more players.
Matt the Ringer picture
Matt the Ringer
Male · Intermediate
I know the game and would be a great addition 
teppei picture
Male · Age: 32 · Recreational
I had played american football for 4years. 
jonshadow picture
Male · Age: 40 · Intermediate
Can play any position including QB.  
siggie picture
Male · Age: 42 · Competitive
I've played for a few years and represented my island at the World cup of Flag football.  
cloutierthomas picture
Male · Age: 42 · Intermediate
Will play in Scarborough or downtown and only on weekends. 
claudio picture
Male · Recreational
6'3 can play quarterback or wide reciever but in flag football everyone is a wide reciever ... 
Elderado_87 picture
Male · Intermediate
JohnnyB picture
Male · Recreational
I've played flag football a couple of times and loved it every time. Look to have some fun ... 
Lou Rishchynski picture
Lou Rishchynski
Male · Competitive
Flag Football - looking to join a team. Age 50 (in good shape). 
SMeshtag picture
Male · Age: 28 · Competitive

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