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Below find Toronto Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey players. If you don't find a Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey player that you wish to contact, please post a game to find more players.
freddie picture
Male · Age: 42 · Intermediate
Currently playing for the mighty HomeWreckers of the TCSSC! (dig in Wreckers, dig in!). I' ... 
Matt the Ringer picture
Matt the Ringer
Male · Recreational
Goalie or out I like the game 
Orlando picture
Male · Age: 50 · Intermediate
Great passer good vision winger.. 
jonshadow picture
Male · Age: 40 · Recreational
Prefer goalie if the majority of the equipment is provided. 
McGuire80 picture
Male · Age: 37 · Recreational
Looking for a good team and league to join.  
Adrocks picture
Male · Competitive
Life long hockey player, Played AAA through high school 
frank dupont picture
frank dupont
Male · Age: 34 · Competitive
ball/floor or in-line hockey. I am ready to play. please contact me 905 990 1870.Any time ... 
Jbman5 picture
Male · Age: 27 · Competitive
Really want to find a competitive league to join 
cloutierthomas picture
Male · Age: 42 · Recreational
Playing forward or defence is fine with me.Will play in Scaborough or downtown and only on ... 
Farhan picture
Male · Age: 31 · Intermediate
I am interested in playing floor hockey at any level. Contact me. 

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