We help you find adult recreational sports leagues in Toronto.

Looking to play recreational sports in Toronto? We’ve put together a list of Toronto adult sports leagues that are available to get your sport on. There is quite a wide range of organizations providing adult sports leagues in Toronto. Some organizations provide a wide menu of sporting options, while others focus solely on one sport.

Is is all ‘Men’s League’?

Nope. While some leagues are strictly male (or female!) only, others include co-ed options. For co-ed there’s usually a rule regarding the minimum amount of each gender that needs to be playing at once. You’ll find, in many cases, that co-ed leagues will tend to be less competitive and more social-focused.

Do I have to be ‘good’ at the sport?

It depends on the league. There are definitely options for those who are not experienced in the sport and are just looking to get into it or have some fun. Many of the leagues listed offer a range of skill levels – which usually includes one for those who haven’t played before, or are not overly experienced.¬†Leagues are fairly up front about the level of play you can expect. That said, one thing we have noticed is that in a lot of leagues that have skill-levels, the ‘recreational’ league tends to have a lot of players who are very well versed in the game. We recommend you get out there regardless and try to enjoy yourself. Don’t take the game to seriously, and enjoy getting some exercise and meeting new people! Also, usually close knit teams go for beer afterwards – so there is that. If your team doesn’t frequent that tradition, suggest it! — You’d be surprised how many others are thinking the same thing.

Are recreational sports leagues a good way to meet new people?

Absolutely! Most leagues offer an option to sign up as an individual and then they will place you on a team. A lot of times those teams will be made up of others just like you who are new to the league (and are also looking to meet new people!) Many teams will grab a pint after the game, so that provides an even better opportunity to socialize and get to know people.

I’m ready.

Ok, browse our list of Toronto recreational sports leagues!

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