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Below find Toronto Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey players. If you don't find a Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey player that you wish to contact, please post a game to find more players.
Shane Stapleton picture
Shane Stapleton
Male · Recreational
Have never played ball hockey but come from Ireland and have played stick games all my lif ... 
Stacey picture
Female · Competitive
statsman22 picture
Male · Recreational
Looking for goalies interested in playing recreational ball hockey on Wednesday nights fro ... 
Staylucky picture
Male · Intermediate
I love ball/floor hockey. Looking forward to playing! 
stnef picture
Male · Intermediate
Only goalie positions preferred please.  
tommy2hats picture
Male · Recreational
I am 31 looking to join a ball hockey team or to play pick up games. I can play any posit ... 
viren picture
Male · Recreational
westfalia picture
Female · Recreational
Zianaddy picture
Female · Recreational
Hi there, i've played this game for a few years in Mississauga and enjoyed it. I'm a 44yr ... 
andrewlin4578 picture
Male · Age: 33 · Recreational

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