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Below find Toronto Softball players. If you don't find a Softball player that you wish to contact, please post a game to find more players.
bruinzca picture
Male · Intermediate
Fit Male, 43 played over 20 years as a softball outfielder looking for a softball team. I ... 
D-Roc picture
Male · Recreational
Winning is great, but i play softball for fun and beers! 
Danny Thery picture
Danny Thery
Male · Competitive
I have been playing softball for 10 years in Quebec leagues, I was tranfert in Toronto for ... 
didag picture
Female · Recreational
25 years old - looking for a rec league to polish up my ball skills - use to play in high ... 
gibran64 picture
Male · Intermediate
Isibor picture
Male · Intermediate
I am in Toronton until September 10th, and would like to sub or play pickup softball. 
jamesyeum picture
Male · Competitive
Looking for a team to play for in the fall. Can play all positions and have been playing ... 
john oliveros picture
john oliveros
Male · Intermediate
looking to join a co-ed team closer to home. 
kiwi pete picture
kiwi pete
Male · Recreational
I'm new to Toronto and would be keen on playing socially. I live near College and Ossingto ... 
Kyoung Jin Jeon picture
Kyoung Jin Jeon
Male · Intermediate
Hi~, my name is Kyoung Jin Jeon, 28 year old male, just call me Kyoung. I'm so glad of tha ... 

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