Buckingham Adult Hockey League

Buckingham Adult Hockey Leagues plays games at both Scotiabank Pond (Downsview Park) and Chesswood Arenas. Leagues are available for various skill levels and ages.

New players can sign up as part of an entire team, or as an individual. Team and player stats are available online. No games start after 11pm.

More info: buckinghamarena.com

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1 review of “Buckingham Adult Hockey League

  1. March 7, 2018 – 10:47am — Sandro (non member)

    Is is this the ScotiaBank Pond league?
    I play there Wednesday nights.
    Best facility I’ve ever played at!


    November 30, 2013 – 12:32pm — John C (non member)

    Wrong Freddie, just someone who is currently playing in the league after wasting two seasons in another league. Sick and tired of driving to the rink for 1130pm games and finding teammates or the other team didn’t bother and the game is defaulted


    December 1, 2013 – 8:38pm — freddie

    Hence “No games start after 11pm!!!”


    November 29, 2013 – 10:03am — John C (non member)

    Greatest league around. All games at either Chesswood or brand new Buckingham. No travelling around the GTA, paying to park, 6pm games and 1130pm game, no bye weeks.
    Why do teams play in any other league?


    November 30, 2013 – 9:34am — freddie

    Spoken like a true “Vice President, Buckingham”!


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