Recreational Slo-Pitch Association (RSPA)

Recreational Slo-Pitch Association is a co-ed slo-pitch league in West Toronto for adults. New players attend open practices so their skill level can be evaluated. Games are played throughout Etobicoke and Mississauga.

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13 reviews of “Recreational Slo-Pitch Association (RSPA)

  1. I have organized a team in the RSPA league for the past 18 years and always look forward to a new season. Although some may criticize the schedule being posted on a weekly basis and not given complete at the beginning of the season, this is to try to accommodate as many requests from the nearly 190 teams that are part of the league. The league fees are incredibly fair, given you have 16+ regular season games, a league tournament and everyone makes playoffs. It also includes social events such as All Star night with barbecue and events all for charity, as well as Friday night barbecues on select dates/parks. The season ends off with banquets on 4 weekends, since the league is so large. Many door prizes, dinner, drinks and dancing all for less than a meal out at a decent restaurant. The league convenor, Randy Warren, loves this league and all the players that are a part of it. He does his very best to ensure everyone has a fun season and definitely gets their money’s worth. I have often recommended this league to people looking to join a team.

  2. RSPA is one of the largest and best coed slopitch leagues in Canada. The league originated in 1980 with 4 teams and has grown annually since then with teams returning year after year and recommended new teams as well for the enjoyment of the game. There are approximately 182 teams and growing.
    As an original member, I have played and umpired for 40 years. I can attest to the quality, organization and attentiveness given to all players and teams to insure fare play, gamesmanship, improve athleticism and camaraderie second to none.
    The league caters to each team, allowing them to select which day they would like to play, which time slot they prefer, which parks they would like to play, which weeks they would like to have off, adjust schedule week by week to balance the teams level of play to make it more competitive and have all this adjusted at the team’s slightest whim.
    No other league offers this degree of flexibility. Yes you may get the complete schedule at the start of the season, but take it or leave it.
    The league fees are more than fare. The fees are less then other leagues, yet offer much more that you can’t put a price on.
    This league is more than just baseball. It is numerous social events adored by all.
    The president of the league, Randy Warren is a personal friend, who runs the league like no other. I am looking forward to another great season in the best league going.

  3. I have been playing in this league going on 3 years. I run a team and umpire. It’s like one big happy summer family playing in this league. The president of RSPA Randy is a great guy. Runs the league well very fast at answering emails. Very personable. Couldn’t see myself playing in another league. Banquet is a blast. All you can eat and drink for $55. Can’t beat that. I highly recommend anyone to join this league. If you aren’t you’re missing out on some great ball. Randy see you in a month. Let’s Go 6ix Crew.

  4. Been playing in this league a couple of years now and it is one of the best leagues going great people great President great banquets lots of free events to go towards different charities loads of fun will never leave rspa its a great league

  5. I have played in the the RSPA league for 17 yrs also Ump and run my own team this is the best run league I have ever been in.The president is very fair and honest he answers all question and Emails address to him.He treats his umpires with the greatest of respect. His banquet are the best. He also has free BBQ 4 to 5 times a yr . He also runs all-star night with fun events and all the food you can eat. FREE I recommend highly the RSPA league to anyone and everyone.

  6. I have been in and around this league for years. Have never met such a fantastic convenor or great league to be a part of. I would recommend this league 100 percent. You are missing out!!!

  7. I have been playing in this league for the past 15 years and can’t imagine myself ever leaving RSPA . I have enjoyed playing with fun and amazing people. The conveyor Randy is an awesome and respectful person ,a man of his word .!!!
    Looking forward to another great year .


  8. I have been umping and playing in this league for 15 yrs there is a reason I keep coming back, the convenor treats his umps and teams like gold with all of the free barbecues and the awwwesome 4 banquetts at the end and the scheduling is great, there is a reason why teams come back every year to an approx 180 team league.

  9. I’ve been with this league roughly 17yrs. Always looked forward to begining of each season. Any questions and concerns are always addressed and never a problem with umps.
    I recommend this league to anyone who enjoys ball with a great bunch of people.
    Cheers RSPA

  10. My Team has been in RSPA for 9 years now. I have also played on various teams within RSPA as well. League convener is a personal guy, played in a tourney with him once. Great tournaments and a party banquet, wouldn’t miss it for anything. I have always recommended teams joining up for RSPA as there have various competitive divisions and rec divisions, they will definitely find a place where your team should be ranked.

  11. I have been playing in this league for about 10 years now. I always look forward to the start of the season as it is a lot of fun. The many familiar faces over the years become like family. Good people, fun league. All sorts of extra-curricular activities included with the fees.

  12. We play in the league… 3 nights a week…

    Organizers respond fast to emails and issues.
    My team likes the relaxed feel of the league.
    The non softball events they do (ie Banquets, bbqs, Volleyball) are super fun and good bang for buck

    Nav Singh – Bang Bang

  13. May 26, 2014 – 5:28pm — Anonymous

    Nothing has changed. You know when you play a week in advance. I wouldn’t join this league.


    February 28, 2018 – 11:16am — Anonymous

    This issue has been fixed


    March 16, 2011 – 10:00am — Anonymous (non member)

    tried open practice. not organized at all. one team contacted and went to team practice and nobody was there. then after couple of email to the team and league, just said team is full. Not recommended!!!


    August 5, 2010 – 12:26pm — Anonymous

    Highway robbery! Beware new teams! The fee $1500 does not include mandatory payments for banquet and SPN all weekend tournament. Constant heavy handed emails demanding more money or your team is off the season schedule.
    Other leagues charge $750/team covering park permits, umpires, game balls.

    Good bye RSPA!


    August 5, 2010 – 12:28pm — Anonymous

    We had the same experience last season. The person running that league is useless and laughing all the way to the bank.


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